Hometown: Smith Mountain Lake
Academic Year: Junior
Majors: Real Estate & Marketing
Minor: Medicine and Society

My family owns a local real estate company currently involved in the redevelopment of Main Street in Blacksburg. I spent my summers answering phones and doing paperwork in their office. As a result, I swore to myself I would never join the industry, weekends of showings, town meetings, open houses, all of it. After a few years of being a retail store manager, I earned my real estate license. I made no promises to my family that I would stay or enjoy it. I ended up loving it, due to my experiences over those long summers, I sold over $3 million worth of property my first year. As we started branching out in Blacksburg, we attended the REAL Career event in 2018. I had no intention of going back to college, but then I met Dr. Boyle. He discovered I had wanted to become a Hokie as a kid. He introduced me to several people I needed to know and I started Fall 2018. I have loved every minute of being at Tech. I still sell real estate full-time and attend classes full-time.