"I am Alec Fong, a current VT student enrolled in the Building Construction and Real Estate double major undergraduate program and am scheduled to graduate Spring of 2019. Even though I attend university in Virginia, my hometown is San Francisco California. Despite attending school in the East Coast, I was very fortunate that Dr. Boyle was able to contact the Senior Vice President of Acquisitions for a company called The Reliant Group. The Reliant Group (Reliant) is a private equity firm headquartered in San Francisco, whose main focus is investing and managing market rate and affordable multifamily housing projects across the U.S. Reliant had recently acquired a large student housing complex in Blacksburg known as Terrace View (TV) and were interested in having an extra pair of hands aid them at TV as well as in their headquarters in San Francisco during the summer. During the semester I was able to walk renovation units and follow the General Contractor around the project as the early stages of renovations were beginning. There are many upcoming plans for TV from the new clubhouse, new management, to many new renovations! I just finished my 4th week here at the San Francisco Office and there is much to learn. I’ve mostly been working with the acquisitions team but I will also be working with the construction team here as well. It is fascinating to really take what I’ve learned in classes at Tech and apply that knowledge to the office. It is also interesting to learn about the laws and regulations that differ from state to state as I research properties from all over. I look forward to learning so much more before returning to Tech!"