Matias Camacho-Bruno, a recent graduate of the Blackwood Department of Real Estate, made the most of his time at Virginia Tech. Between being a Teaching Assistant and attending a Blackwood Department learning trip to Dallas, Matias managed to successfully make good connections and become a true professional. 

Matias was one of four students who had the opportunity to travel to Dallas for an immersive experiential learning opportunity. The annual Urban Land Institute Fall meeting is the largest real estate conference in the country and draws professionals from industry, academic, NGOs and government agencies. While there, he attended various workshops and seminars, with topics ranging from capital markets and sustainability to social equity and the post-pandemic built environment, all while networking with real estate professionals from around the world.

Following graduation, Matias started his career as an Assistant Asset Manager with Amico Lane in Washington, D.C. With the professional skills he developed at Virginia Tech, Matias felt confident starting his next chapter. While working through his senior capstone project, he was able to learn his strengths in teamwork and collaboration which will greatly benefit him in the professional world. 

Speaking on his time as a teaching assistant for Professor Walsh, Matias says.

"Being a TA gave me the ultimate exposure. I really had to know the information because the students were relying on me. I had to be really knowledgeable so I could help the students learn and not just look like another one of the students."