Growing up surrounded by family members in the real estate industry, Satya became passionate about tackling the affordable housing crisis head-on. Living in Maui, Hawaii, this problem was clear to Satya, and he became dedicated to transforming the affordable housing market. After crossing the United States to study under Virginia Tech's Blackwood Department of Real Estate, Satya's industry knowledge and experience flourished. 

During his time as a student, Satya had the privilege of attending two experiential learning trips. His first trip to Washington, D.C., included walking through the masterplan for the new Virginia Tech Innovation campus and engaging in networking events with industry leaders. Satya's next trip was to the ULI Fall Conference in Dallas, Texas, where he immersed himself in the latest trends and innovations in real estate development. Satya was able to discover a world of possibilities and expand his professional network greatly. 

Continuing his passion for affordable housing, he participated in the AmeriCorps program. In collaboration with a nonprofit organization, Satya contributed his knowledge of real estate to help communities in Wytheville, Virginia. This project will conclude in August and has carried on his love for helping the development of affordable housing.

Satya's work in an Independent Research class, offered by the Pamplin College of Business, continued his interest in the role housing plays on people's health, especially children. Satya and his mentor, Dr. Yoo, had the opportunity to present their research, "Housing Instability as a Risk Factor for Increased Adverse Childhood Experiences," to the Dennis Dean Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Conference at Virginia Tech. Their top-notch research and impressive presentation secured a first place win in the policy category. 

Satya encourages future students to "take advantage of all the extracurricular and networking opportunities that Virginia Tech offers, especially in Real Estate. I also recommend trying to find something that you're passionate about, such as building affordable and sustainable housing, because I think that kind of passion really makes a student stand out."