Hunter Armstrong is a spring 2023 graduate of the Blackwood Department of Real Estate. Hunter double majored in Real Estate and Building Construction, which provided valuable insights and opened doors to a promising career. In a recent interview with Hunter, she highlighted the reasons behind her choice of majors, the importance of networking, and her experience in the Blackwood Department of Real Estate at Virginia Tech.

Hunter explained that her decision to pursue a double major in Real Estate and Building Construction was influenced by the complementary nature of the two fields. She saw the potential for long-term career benefits and an enhanced understanding of the entire development process. Completing each degree gave Hunter the ability to see different perspectives from the other side.

Throughout the interview with Hunter, she emphasized the importance making connections, both within the Real Estate world and beyond. Starting her sophomore year of high school, Hunter had an internship every summer. "I think networking was the most beneficial thing that I could have learned. I love getting to know whoever you want to know and making those connections."

Reflecting on her time with the Blackwood Department of Real Estate at Virginia Tech, Hunter points out how fortunate she was to have Professor Everett as her professor and mentor. Everett's analytical teaching style challenged and guided Hunter throughout her capstone project senior year. Hunter exclaimed that Professor Everett provided her with personalized support throughout her group's project over the course of a busy and stressful year.

"I think college is the time to be a sponge. You have to soak in every moment."

Before she starts her job with Mortenson Construction, she wanted to give a piece of advice to any incoming or current real estate students:

"My biggest piece of advice is to not say no to any learning opportunity. Take advantage of everything you're presented with. You never know who's going to guide you where you're going to go. Strike up a conversation with whoever offers you an opportunity and expose yourself to everything. Also, get to know as many people as you can and take advantage of everything."