"Real estate has always been something I had a passion for ever since I was little. I was one of those kids that would wake up and be excited to watch HGTV because I loved it so much."

Having a family involved in the business and construction industry, Chase always knew she enjoyed learning about the real estate world. Once Chase started her undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech, she decided to follow her passion for both finance and real estate. Her junior year she became treasurer of the real estate club, bringing in successful guest speakers to talk with students.

During her time at Virginia Tech, Chase realized that taking advantage of the many networking opportunities and extracurricular activities presented to students was extremely useful down the road. Last summer she had an internship with Costar Group, and she was able to utilize her knowledge of different tools that she learned about in her real estate classes. Working with Costar Group, Chase was able to meet a handful of Virginia Tech students who later became her classmates in the commercial real estate studio course with Professor Everett.

As a double major in Real Estate and Finance, Chase encourages others to either double major or minor in an area that is going to give you more underlying knowledge of the industry.

I think for me, having finance as my other major helps me understand so many more aspects of real estate and especially when we learned about financing real estate projects."

As far as her next plan goes, Chase will be returning to Virginia Tech in the fall to start her Master's in business analytics. With guidance from Professor Cardman and Dr. Boyle, Chase is eager to start her next journey. Although eager to return to the classroom, Chase is also excited to be running her final year with the Virginia Tech Cross Country and Track team.