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You can make a difference in people’s everyday lives by overseeing the design, construction, and renovation of the spaces where people live, work, and play. Entering the real estate field opens opportunities for personal and professional growth. It is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment that rewards effort and ambition. If you enjoy hard work, taking a positive approach, and working with people, real estate may be the field for you. Students in the program are encouraged to network and explore all aspects of the real estate industry through immersive coursework, study tours, and field trips. 

Are you interested in sustainable development, designing urban affordable housing, or increasing efficiency?  Our innovative, interdisciplinary real estate major offers you the opportunity to double major, minor, or develop a concentration so you can learn about the broad field of real estate and specialize in a field of interest. We want to help you incorporate your passions into your career.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to schedule a visit to Virginia Tech.

Contact Jenene Belcher to set up an appointment.

Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to apply to Virginia Tech.

Most real estate students choose to double major. Students must either select a major or declare themselves undecided at the time they submit an application for admission. If you select a major, you will be required to list a second-choice major as well. Applicants are admitted to only one major. Students who wish to change to another major after submitting an application should notify the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at

Once enrolled, students may declare a double major by meeting with their Academic Advisor and completing a Change of Major/Minor form. While real estate is not a restricted major, students wanting to double major in real estate and a restricted major must apply and be accepted to the second major. Visit our Academic Offerings page for common double majors and sample plans of study. Contact Jenene Belcher for further information on switching your major or adding a second major.  

Visit our Contact Us page for directions to Virginia Tech and the Department in Real Estate.

A minor is a group of courses, fewer than the number required for a major, for students to take who wish to develop expertise or pursue an interest in some subject in addition to their major. Each department that offers a minor specifies the courses required for the minor. For most minors, the required courses are listed in the catalog, though for some you would need to consult with the department in question or your advisor.

Check the Transfer Guide from the Office of the University Registrar for transfer course equivalents. Contact Jenene Belcher for further information.

Virginia Tech offers students many opportunities to study abroad. If you are interested in studying abroad, you should discuss your plans with your Academic Advisor(s) as early as possible. Visit Virginia Tech’s Education Abroad website for further information.

The Blackwood Department in Real Estate also offers it's own Study Abroad Program.

The Student Success Center offers free tutoring in many subject areas, and some departments offer tutoring. See your academic advisor for more information.

  • Math tutoring: Contact the Math Department for private tutoring, tutoring lab, and other resources
  • Economics tutoring: Econ Tutoring Center located in 3104 Pamplin 3040

  • English tutoring: Visit The Writing Center located in 340 Shanks Hall

  • CommLab: Helping Hokies with public speaking and classroom presentations

Advanced placement courses in Math, Science, English, and Foreign Languages are the best preparatory courses. These classes show dedication to one’s learning and are the best preparation for taking the SAT exam.

The Curriculum for Liberal Education (CLE) is a vital component of undergraduate education at Virginia Tech, and required for every undergraduate student. To access additional information, please review the Curriculum for Liberal Education Guides.


Did you know there are many career opportunities in real estate in addition to being a real estate agent or broker? Visit our Employment and Internships page to find out about career paths in real estate.

Visit our Academic Offerings page for more information about the real estate curriculum. Here you will find the courses required to graduate, sample plans of study, and common double majors and minors. Many real estate students take advantage of the department’s flexibility by earning a double major, which enables them to specialize in an area of interest within the broad field of real estate.

Students in the Blackwood Department in Real Estate are paired with an academic advisor upon entering the Department. Your academic advisor works with you to develop a plan of study that will allow you to accomplish your educational goals, in addition to helping you explore your curricular and extracurricular interests. Your academic advisor will also introduce you to faculty members and industry partners who specialize in your field(s) of interest to provide additional career advising and mentoring. 

Virginia Tech’s advising definition and philosophy

 The Real Estate Club

Connect with current Virginia Tech real estate students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals through the Blackwood Department in Real Estate LinkedIn group.

Visit Admissions and Aid to learn more about undergraduate admissions, scholarships, financial aid, tuition and fees, and paying for school.

We invite you to visit campus and register for an information session and campus tour with University Admissions. Students unable to visit in the summer are encouraged to attend Open House

After registering, please make an appointment with our academic advisor Jenene Belcher to talk about your future in real estate and possibly schedule a time to observe a class. 

Students interested in transferring into the real estate major or double majoring in real estate should contact Jenene Belcher to schedule advising appointments during Summer Orientation. 

The Blackwood Department in Real Estate follows the University Baseline Specifications for student computer requirements, which may be found here.

Housing & Residence Life

At Virginia Tech, you can be part of a community of more than 9,300 students who call our residence halls home. We strive to maintain an environment that will be a perfect compliment to your academic experience.

Award Winning Dining

Hope you are hungry! Dining Services has been ranked within the top three by The Princeton Review for the last seven years. In 2009, Restaurants & Institutions magazine named Housing and Dining Services a winner of the Ivy Award, which honors the best food service operations and restaurants in the industry.

Our bi-weekly newsletter includes all of the upcoming events, news, opportunities, and more the Department in Real Estate has to offer! 

“I chose Virginia Tech because of the Department in Real Estate. The department allows us to get our feet wet in many different fields that are directly related to real estate; engineering, architecture, building construction, business, etc. Its nice to have options, and to add D1 football and basketball teams, a country atmosphere, and state school tuition on top of an unparalleled education, I feel I couldn’t pass up on VT.”

Mac Trainor, ’17
Real Estate

“I have always been intrigued by the business aspect of construction and think that double majoring in Real Estate provides a great way to learn that side of the field. Partnered with the Building Construction major, I feel that it creates a very well-rounded experience and knowledge base for students. I've been very pleased with the double major track thus far and look forward to continuing on with it!”

Mark Evans Rainey Jr., ’15
Building Construction & Real Estate, Sustainable Green Housing

Real Estate Academic Advisor

Jenene Belcher
Student Support and Department Development Manager