Virginia Tech Program in Real Estate Alumna Catherine Ryckman Earns Master’s in Real Estate Development and Secures Job

Catherine Ryckman, a 2016 Virginia Tech Program in Real Estate alumna, recently graduated with her master’s degree in real estate development from the University of Maryland. Following her graduation, she has secured a position with the Michaels Organization in Washington, DC as a Development Analyst. Catherine credits the Program in Real Estate and the wonderful faculty, staff, students and leaders that guided her through:

“My years at Virginia Tech were some of the most rewarding of my life and helped me grow beyond measures,” Catherine said.

During Catherine’s Journey to earning her master’s in real estate development, Catherine’s capstone project provided a full feasibility analysis of Vivus; a 168,000 SF site that will transform from an auto-dominated corridor into a catalyst for economic redevelopment in the town of Bladensburg, Maryland. Catherine’s hard work paid off when she was awarded with 1st place in her caption competition and earned the highest GPA out of her graduating class.

With a robust start as her new position as the Development Analyst at the Michaels Organization in Washington, D.C., Catherine has rapidly become an established professional. From working on grant applications for LIHTC projects in DC and Virginia to flying to Houston, Texas to deliver a disaster relief application that would fund the rehabilitation of properties affected by Hurricane Harvey, Catherine is already making a difference in the world.