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The Virginia Tech Program in Real Estate is a unique interdisciplinary academic program that develops real estate industry leaders by transcending boundaries and building on university strengths in building construction,  business, design, economics, engineering, entrepreneurship, environment, law, planning, and property management.

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What Does the Program in Real Estate Offer You?

By 2050, the United States population is expected to increase by 40 percent. Additionally, half of the buildings in which Americans lived and worked in the year 2000 will need to be replaced by the year 2030. The real estate industry faces a tremendous opportunity to build and renovate the spaces where people live, work, and play.

Virginia Tech brings together the strengths of five colleges to offer an interdisciplinary degree program in real estate that combines the best of real estate theory and industry practice. Within these five colleges we offer courses in finance, marketing, residential property management, real estate law, and real estate appraisal. These core courses build teamwork and leadership skills, give students a comprehensive industry perspective, and provide practical experience under the mentorship of faculty and industry professionals.

Members of our Industry Advisory Board, composed of Virginia Tech alumni and industry executives, advise the program on the curriculum through their service to the Curriculum Advisory Committee. View our Industry page for a list of Industry Advisory Board members. These experts have the tools and knowledge base their firms are looking for in new graduates. They are looking to recruit new talent with a comprehensive understanding of the broad spectrum of disciplines critical to their industry. Currently, this perspective is developed through on-the-job experience. The Virginia Tech Program in Real Estate aims to produce graduates prepared to enter the workforce already possessing an interdisciplinary knowledge of the industry, as well as an expertise in one or more related discipline.

Real Estate Curriculum

Here is a list of the Real Estate Major courses:

  • REAL 1004 Discovering Real Estate
  • REAL 1014 Careers in Real Estate
  • REAL 2004 Principles of Real Estate
  • REAL 2034 Real Estate Data Analysis
  • REAL 3014 Professional Development in Real Estate
  • REAL 3024 Applied Real Estate Development
  • REAL 3034 Real Estate Market Analysis
  • REAL 3044 Financing Real Estate Projects
  • REAL 4064 Real Estate Appraisal
  • REAL 4075/4076 Real Estate Studio
  • ACIS 2115 Principles of Accounting
  • AAEC 3984 Finance for Agribusiness Managers
  • AAEC 4754 Real Estate Law
  • BC 2014 Construction Principles I
  • ENGL 3774 Business Writing
  • GEOG 2084 Principles of Geographic Information Systems 
  • MGT 2354 Leadership: Manager and Entrepreneur 
  • MKTG 4734 Real Estate Marketing
  • PM 2674 Multifamily Property Mgmt & Operations
  • PM 4644 Advanced Property and Asset Management
  • PM 4684 Managing and Leasing Commercial Properties

Download course descriptions for the major core requirements.

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A checksheet includes the official requirements a student needs to accomplish to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate. A student will select the checksheet for the year they intend to graduate. The 2019 checksheet can be found here and the 2020 checksheet can be found here.

Please meet with your academic advisor each semester to make sure you are officially on track. Your academic advisor will also provide you with unofficial advising tools to help you graduate on time.

Sample plan of study for 2019 
Sample plan of study for 2020
Sample plan of study for 2021
Sample plan of study for 2022

Students will need to work with Jenene Belcher to create a Restricted Elective Plan of Study which includes at least 21 credit hours dedicated to a double major or minor related to Real Estate. Students are able to strengthen the relevance of their educational and career pursuits by connecting another in-depth topic of study with the Real Estate major.

To declare a double major or minor, fill out this form.

For University Requirements, please refer to the Curriculum for Liberal Education (CLE) Guides for requirements and course offerings if you are graduating in 2021 or earlier. Students graduating in 2022 or later will follow the Pathways to General Education Guides for requirements and course offerings. 

Student Resources

Visit the Pamplin College of Business Forms page for a change of major/minor/concentration, course withdrawal, exam change, over-hours request, and resignation/withdrawal forms.

Scholarship Central
Scholarship Information

Caulkin Real Estate Scholarship

The General Real Estate Scholarship application will be emailed out in early Spring semester

The Program in Real Estate follows the University Baseline Specifications for student computer requirements, which may be found here

Real Estate Academic Advisor

Academic Advisory

Jenene Belcher

Student Support and Program Development Manager


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“Graduates of a real estate program that has trained them in core areas of real estate, as well as specialty subjects, through a double major, minor, or concentration, will have a tremendous advantage when entering the industry and will distinguish themselves with a wealth of knowledge to which most have not been exposed.”

Willis P. Blackwood
Blackwood Development Company