Going through college during the COVID-19 pandemic, Isabella Benucci had a difficult time building up her experience in the Real Estate community before graduating. Although Isabella was successful in finding a job that was the right fit for her, it came with years of trusting she would find her place. After not having the same opportunities that students have now, such as regular career fairs or exposure to events, she had to make the most out of her time in the classroom.

Isabella was a teaching assistant for three different classes while she was a student in the Blackwood Department of Real Estate. Completing each of these experiences with Professor Jeffrey Robert, she felt more knowledgeable and experienced than before. Along with her experience with Professor Robert, Isabella felt challenged by her other courses including her senior capstone studio class. 

I've learned how to take everything I've learned and build a development from the ground up. I also learned how to work with different people and realized that not everyone works the same way, that's something you have to work through."

After COVID brought a halting stop to her freshman year, Isabella never felt quite prepared enough to attend a career fair. That was until her fall semester senior year when she was required to attend. While walking around she felt as though there was no where she quite belonged, until Dr. Boyle noticed her. With only one resume left, Isabella and Dr. Boyle approached the booth of Marcus and Millichap, a real estate broker firm. 

With a little bit of a push and a lot of courage, Isabella landed her first job as a commercial broker with Marcus and Millichap to specialize in multifamily sales!