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Sherwood Clements

Collegiate Associate Professor, William and Mary Alice Park Junior Faculty Fellow
Sherwood Clements
2073 Pamplin Hall

Sherwood serves as a Collegiate Assistant Professor of Real Estate and William and Mary Alice Park, Jr. Faculty Fellow.  He joins the Blackwood Department of Real Estate from the University of Alabama where he taught courses in real estate appraisal, real estate principles, real estate finance, real estate investments and development, personal finance and the introduction to financial institutions and markets.  Prior to working at Alabama, Sherwood obtained his PhD in Real Estate and taught at Georgia State University.  His work experience prior to entering academia was largely in real estate appraisal where he supported banks and other lenders as well as government agencies including the Federal Housing Administration and United States Department of Agriculture.  Additionally, he was certified as an expert witness in Columbia, Lincoln, McDuffie and Wilkes counties in Georgia for bankruptcy, divorce and eminent domain cases.  Other experience comes from family businesses in real estate brokerage and development and providing guidance to tax assessor’s offices in multiple counties of Georgia.  His personal real estate investing consists of flipping real estate and purchasing equity real estate investment trusts (REITs).  Lastly, Sherwood’s academic research interests include the integration and relationships between the futures markets and real estate markets and the behavioral aspects of real estate development.    


  • Ph.D.: Georgia State University
  • M.S.: Agusta State University
  • B.S. University of Georgia
  • NTRC Instructional Excellence Award for the College of Business, University of Alabama, 2021
  • GTA Excellence in Teaching Award, Georgia State University, 2009
  • Senior Housing Best Paper Award, American Real Estate Society Annual Meeting, 2021
  • Housing Performance and the Electorate with E. Cifci, O. Tidwell and A. Jauregui. Journal of Real Estate Research. 2023.
  • Does Political Uncertainty Affect Residential Development? with S. Lou and O. Tidwell, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2021.
  • Herding Behavior Among Real Estate Developers with S. Ro, P. Gallimore and G. Fan, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2018.
  • Futures markets and real estate public equity: Connectivity of lumber futures and Timber REITs with O. Tidwell and C. Jin, Journal of Forest Economics, 2017.
  • Lumber Futures and Timberland Investment with A. Ziobrowski and M. Holder, Journal of Real Research, 2011
  • Experience and Real Estate Investment Decision-making: A Process-Tracing Investigation with V. Sah and P. Gallimore, Journal of Property Research, 2010
  • REAL 1014 Careers in Real Estate
  • REAL 2004 Principles of Real Estate
  • REAL 4064 Real Estate Appraisal
  • REAL 4074 Residential Real Estate Studio
  • REAL 4075/4076 Commercial Real Estate Studio
  • REAL 4754 Real Estate Law